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Wind & Airtight

Our Part Turnkey package

Our Part Turnkey package is proving to be very popular among self-builders, as they still hold full control over the project. We just supply the Timber Frame Structure (Supply & Erect), along with some additional extras that our clients can choose from.
Due to our vast experience in the Building sector, even after we do our part of the build – we still stay in touch with clients and offer any advice or answer any questions that they have. So not only are you getting a high-quality Timber Frame Structure off us, your also getting additional support throughout your build at no extra cost.

Timber Frame Structure (Supply & Erected):



All Internal & External Walls


All Floor Structures


Roof Structure


Felt & Lath of Roof


Supply & Fit of Wall Ties and Firebags

Plasterboard (Supply Only)

We can supply the plasterboard for your build as well to save you the hassle of trying to source it yourself. We can also be sure that you order the correct plasterboard for the correct area of the build:


15mm Plain Plasterboard for all External Walls


12.5mm Plain Plasterboard for all Internal Walls and Ceilings with no floor above them


12.5mm Moisture Resistant Plasterboard for Walls/Ceiling of Bathrooms


12.5mm Fireline Plasterboard for Ceilings where an additional floor is located above it

Additional Extras

Insulation& Airtightness

We can also supply and fit Insulation to all external walls and to the roof of the structure, as well as making sure that it is also airtight. For more information on Insulation and Airtightness head on over the Insulation & Airtightness section

Acoustic Insulation (Supply Only)

We also supply acoustic insulation for all internal walls and between floor joists to add that little extra sound prevention to your build.

Roof Coverings

We also can supply and fit any roof coverings that you are looking to put on your house as well. We offer both Slate and Tile products for the client to choose from.