Unit1, Building 3, Port link Business Park, Port Road, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal

Timber Frame Kit

Our external walls are made up with 140mm x 38mm treated CLS Timber (High Quality timber imported from Sweden) We can also use a 184mm x 38mm Timber Stud if a very low U-Value if required.


Our floors are made using of 225 x 44mm thick CLS C24 Timber Joist.


The perimeter joist is also treated.(We can also use metal web joists: see details below)


On top of the joist we fit an OSB3 board which is glued and nailed to the joists.  This board is tongue & grooved to give a snug tight fit when put together.

Smart-Ply OSB3 T & G

Smart-ply Osb3 T & G is manufactured using advanced resin technology that results in a supreme bond with the wood strands and when put under intense heat, creates a chemical weld to produce a superior board which also scores highly in the green guide.

Metal Web Joists

Metal web joists are designed to offer excellent service routing capabilities. Allowing many soil, duct and heating recovered systems to be accommodated along with easy installation of heating and electrical cabling without the need for drilling or notching.

Our Timber


Our timber is typically 140mm x 38mm CLS KO Softwood with TF premium low pressure BS 84117 UC2 treatment.


70% PEFC Certified.

A 9mm OSB 3 fitted on the exterior of the studs. Followed by breather membrane.
We also provide structural steel as specified by a structural engineer. All of our kits come with the necessary fixings for on-site assembly. We also supply external stainless-steel hold down straps, stainless steel wall ties, wall vents & fire prevention bags.
Each wall panel is made in a factory environment to ensure maximum quality and are fitted together on site.
Internal walls are made up of 89mm x 8mm CLS Timber and if the wall is load bearing it will be sheeted with 9mm OSB 3 Board.

Smart-ply OSB 3

Smart-ply OSB 3 is a highly engineered, moisture resistant, load bearing panel which is designed for use in many structural and non-structural applications in both internal and external environments. Manufactured in accordance with EN 300 performance standard. It is perfect choice for sheathing, roofing, flooring and many other applications where strength and moisture resistance are paramount.


When there is a requirement for steel, ex. large spans above openings, corner windows, portal frames for a vaulted ceiling or just for racking purposes because of a house location – near the sea for example.
All steel is designed by a structural engineer and manufactured to the highest standards

External Breather Membrane

External breather membrane is a single layer, vapour permeable membrane for use on Timber Frame walls.


Allows the wall structure to breath


Wind-tight & draught-free


Highly vapour permeable with no risk of condensation build up.


Protects the OSB sheathing and Timber Frame from moisture ingress, yet allows the wall structure to breathe.

Reflective External Breather Membrane

Reflective external breather membrane is a strong, water-resistant breather membrane with a metallised surface that helps to improve thermal efficiency by reflecting radiant heat in summer and reducing convective heat loss in winter.


High thermal performance due to low emissivity surface (0.09)


Keeps building cool inside by blocking 91% of radiant heat in summer


Allows the wall structure to breath


Protects the OSB sheathing and Timber Frame from moisture ingress, yet allows the wall structure to breath

Stainless Steel Hold Down Straps

Stainless steel hold down straps fitted at centres shown in the structural calculations

Stainless Steel Wall Ties

Stainless steel wall ties for connecting the timber frame to external block / brick work.

Cavity Barriers

Cavity barriers – TCB Cavity Barrier and PWCB Cavity Barrier – have been developed to exceed minimum building regulation requirements for fire resistance with concealed wall cavities. Tested and assembled to BBS476: Part 20, they provide p to 60 minutes fire resistance (integrity and insulation).


Performance is not affected by movement in the building, shrinkage or thermal change




Can be used vertically or horizontally


Easy to install

Drill Vent – Cavity Venting System

DrillVent is a new patented cavity venting system that not only solves the problems associated with the use of weep vents for cavity venting in Timber Framed Buildings but gives the added assurance that the cavity is suitably ventilated and drained.

DrillVent is retrospectively installed during the completion stage of the external wall.

Concerns associated with the use of traditional weep vents for venting cavities are eliminated, ie. inadequate venting and insufficient drainage.

With DrillVent, you are confident that the cavity is correctly ventilated and drained.

The slatted louvers are specifically designed to baffle direct blown wind. They are angled and spaced to promote the drying of condensation and rain-saturated outer leaf brick work whilst preventing the ingress of large insects.

DrillVent is an ideal solution for the retro-fitting of vents that have simply been left out, become damaged or blocked during the construction process.The circular design allows for efficient ventilation and is quick and easy to install. It has been engineered to be UV stable to ensure a long life.

DrillVent is available in three standard colours; transparent, beige and terracotta, complimenting popular external brick and modern rendered finishes.
DrillVent has been tested according to the principles of CEN standard EN13141-1: Ventilation for buildings – performance testing of components / products for residential ventilation.