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Floor Insulation & Screed

One of the main misconceptions about Timber Frame floors is that you can’t put a screed on top of it for fear of the floor not being able to hold the weight.

I am here to explain how this is completely not true and detail our previous experience of putting screed on Timber Frame floors.

Screed can be fitted on both Ground & First Floor Level of your build with no problems at all.
On Ground Floor level, we can fit the 2 layers of 75mm Floor Insulation (150mm total), then we cover the insulation in 1000 Gauge polythene, and it is then ready for the Floor Screed to be poured.

Either it be for Under Floor Heating or to reduce sound travelling from one floor to another. We can accommodate for any reason that you may have for wanting a screed on our Timber Frame Floors (1st floor Level).
By letting us know at the beginning of the engineering stage – we can have our engineers calculate the weight of the screed on the floor to ensure it is built to withstand the weight of screed. Usually this means switching from a Standard Floor Joist up to a Metal Web Joist depending on your build.

In previous jobs, we have never had any problem putting a screed on the 1st Floor of any of our builds. Once our Engineers & Timber Frame Designer know that a screed is going on, they include this data in their calculations and issue reports and drawings to show what spec the floor needs to be built at to withstand the weight.