Unit1, Building 3, Port link Business Park, Port Road, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal

Roof Structure

We use 225 x 44mm C16 CLS Rafters on our cut roof with 140 x 38mm C16 for collar ties. To cover, we use a good quality breather felt and our roof battens are 50 x 38mm treated.
We also supply gable ladders, valley boards, bracing, sub-fascia and all fixing to complete the roof.
We also use roof trusses if the roof does not require to be cut

Trussed Rafters

The trussed rafter is an individually designed component, engineered to provide a structural frame for support of roof of similar structures and have proven to be an efficient, safe & economical method for supporting roofs since their introduction into Ireland in 1968. With the increasing power of computer technology, Trussed Rafters are now revolutionising he greater construction industry providing engineered solutions for ever larger and more complex building projects.

Attic Truss

An attic truss is a type of roof truss with an open space at its bottom centre to accommodate a living space, with webbing above and on either side of this living space.
Advantages of Attic Trusses:

  1. Attic Truss take less time to install in a house over that of cut roofs
  2. The speed of erection greatly reduces your ‘on site’ skilled labour costs
  3. It is easier to guarantee the quality of Attic Truss, as a cut roof is only as good as the carpenter/roofer who installs it


Where steel roof purlins are required, all steel is designed by a structural engineer and manufactured to the highest standards.

Felt & Lath Roof

When supplying and erecting the Timber Frame structure –we leave the roof ready for slating/tiling by supplying and fitting the Felt & Lath. All our felt & lath products are of the highest quality leaving a nice clean finish for the next guys on the job to do their part.