Unit1, Building 3, Port link Business Park, Port Road, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal

Letterkenny, Co. Donegal


In late 2018 we were approached by our client to build a stunning 2-storey house in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. The client wanted us to do as much of the project as possible- so we did our Part Build package.

We took the project from a green site to a beautiful 2-storey build with lovely stone cladding on the front of the house. The site is located overlooking Letterkenny and was a pleasure to work with the client and all other trades involved on this project

Location: Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Duration: 4 months


  • Once agreement has been reached, we have our engineers do up a report in relation to the structural calculations for the build.
  • We then review these calcs with our Timber Frame Designer and Truss Designer to ensure that all parties are happy to proceed with the set calcs
  • Our Timber Frame Designer then designs all panels to the exact measurements of the foundations/plans so that when its erected-on site it is 100% accurate.
  • Once the drawings have been done and all parties have reviewed and approved of them – it is sent on then to our production manager to organize the production schedule
  • Our Factory then work to cut and assemble the panels as per the Designers drawings
  • Once all panels are made and have passed our inspection, they are carefully loaded onto a truck and then delivered to the site
  • After the team have unloaded the panels on site, they then erect the panels as per the Erection Schedule
  • Once all panels are erected, the project manager will inspect the structure and ensure he is happy with all work done now
  • Our Engineers (3rd party) will inspect the kit and then issue a certificate to show that it matches their calcs


Design Stage

Once the plans reach out Designer, he does up an initial 3D construct of the build to show what the build will look like. He also highlights in RED any steel that will be required for the build. The image on the left is the ground floor panel layout and the image on the right is the 1st Floor layout.

These images are extremely helpful as it allows us to have a visual idea on how the build should and will look when we have finished erecting the kit.


As part of our Part Build Package – we cleared the site and dug the foundations ourselves. We then proceeded to pour the foundations and then done all necessary work in order to get site ready for the Timber Frame Kit to be erected.

Our foundations plan was engineered and designed by a separate 3rd party from us and all work was inspected and signed off by the engineers once works was completed.

Loading the Truck

After the panels are produced, they are loaded on a trailer and securely fastened with ratchet straps to ensure the panels reach their destination in perfect condition.

Erecting the Kit

After the kit is unloaded, the team then go about erecting the kit as described in the erection schedule. As you can see on the image on the left the large steel beams that were highlighted in Red on the previous drawings on the last page.

The kits are then snagged by the Engineers, so that if there is any minor problems – these can be resolved and they can issue a cert for the build to show its compliance.

External Finish

For the exterior finishes of the house – we went with the following:

  • Sand & Cement Plaster Finish
  • Liscannor Stone Cladding to Front of House
  • Triple Glazed Windows and Doors with Passive Frames
  • Tegral Endurance Slates
  • Velux Roof Windows

Please Download pdf From Here