Unit1, Building 3, Port link Business Park, Port Road, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal


When you go with our Turnkey System, we will take the project from green site to the finished product. We offer a friendly and efficient service to help navigate the process of constructing your dream home from start to finish.

Our Turnkey Package includes the following elements:


Once the project gets the go ahead, we will have our Engineers and Design team do up foundation plans for the build. Our team will then undertake clearance of the site and do all the necessary groundworks in order to get the site ready for installation of the Timber Frame Kit.

Timber Frame Kit

After all the necessary groundwork is completed, our Timber Frame erectors will bring the Kit on site and erect it then. This includes the roof structure as well.

Windows & Doors

After the client has decided what windows and door to go with, we will contact the supplier and arrange for installation of these windows on site.

External Masonry Work

After the kit has been erected and windows and doors are installed, the external block work will be done to the outside of the Timber Frame Kit.

Plumbing & Electrics

We then oversee the 1st Fix of all plumbing and electrical tradesmen and ensure all work is done to our high standards.

Insulation & Airtightness

Then we will fully insulate the build and make sure that it is fully airtight to current building regulation standards. We aim to achieve whatever U-Value that our client requests/requires.

Internal Finishes

We will then undertake the various internal finishes (plasterboarding, painting, flooring etc.)

External Finishes

At this stage we will focus on all external finishes that need to be completed, such as patio area, kerbing, painting of house etc.

Inspection & Certs

Then we will have an independent 3rd party on site to check all the work and issue all the required certification for the build.

This is just a very quick take on all the work that will be done, it goes into far more detail than I have explained above, if you have any further questions – please get in touch.