Unit1, Building 3, Port link Business Park, Port Road, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal

Modular Builds


We offer a complete and bespoke turn-key solution which incorporates elements such as feasibility, design, building regulations, eco-options, ground works, electrics, glazing, floors & doors, lighting, finishes, decking and landscaping. Our Associate, in-house Architect and Design Consultant, will work with you to produce a design that meets your needs and budget.

Popular Designs

Cube or Pod

Call it what you like – it’s square! A simple, compact and practical (typically) one-person work or chill-out space, offering a clean, cost-effective and contemporary design and usually exempt from planning permission. Ideal if space is at a premium. Can be made bigger!


An extension of the Square, offering additional space to accommodate more people or just more of your stuff. It may also be more appropriate to your site, maximising the space available.

L-Shape (left or right)

A combination of the above two designs really!


Ok, visualise 2 L-shapes (left and right) pushed together, 2 L-Shapes with a Square in the middle or 2 Rectangles with a Square in the middle or…you get our drift (we hope)! This style has the added benefit of a protected ‘inner’ space, like a small courtyard, which can be used for outdoor entertaining for example; it’s a great design for a granny annexe, extra accommodation and living space and often includes bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

School Classrooms

Modern Timber Frame’s classrooms can work with you to create inspiring and motivating places to learn and play for your young charges or students. This is becoming an increasingly popular and more feasible option for nurseries, playgroups, schools and educational institutions to expand quickly, and at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional extension or new building. We have experience in this area and can provide excellent client testimonials as references.