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Mica Builds

Mica has caused nothing but pain and hardship for those families effect by it - thru no fault of there own, there houses were built with defective blocks. Overtime these blocks have started to crumble and cause large scale damage to 1000's of homes in the Northwest. We here at MTF Homes want to help those effected by giving them a choice to move away from traditional block builds and use Timber Frame.

Why Timber Frame?

By using Timber Frame as the main structure for a build – it reduces the amount of blocks in the build and completley elimantes the risk of deffect blocks causing issues like we see with MICA blocks. While we ensure all blocks we use are fully certified and not MICA affected – in instances were clients do the blockwork themselves, they may be supplied with blocks containing MICA.

Timber Frame also allows the client to completely remove blocks from the build by going with a cement board on the outside of the kit.


All our kits are signed off by an independant 3rd party engineer and certs issued on completion of project. This gives the clients a sense of security as they know the structure is fully certified and structurally sound.

Relaible Quality

As part of MTF Homes overall quality philosophy, all structural timber is subjected to a rigorous mechanical stress graded to BS 5268. According to the NHBC (National Housing Building Council) in the UK and Homebond in Ireland, which inspects and insures many thousands of Timber Frame homes every year, that Timber Frame houses perform better than masonry homes, as more of the dwelling is made under closely controlled factory conditions.

Our Promise

We know that those effected by Mica will want a builder that will supply a high quality build and use only the best materials. We here at MTF Homes promise to deliver a high quality project , using only the best materials and tradesmen.

We will deliver a poject within budget and on-time, to ensure the process is as stress free as possible for the clients.

Our team, with over 20 years of experience in the timber frame industry, MTF Homes can provide a cost effective and comprehensive timber frame packages to self-builders, contractors and developers. We believe our high standard products and service will make us the perfect partner for you and your project.

With a team of highly skilled workers and your own designated project manager, you can be assured that your project is in the best hands. Our project managers are well versed in every aspect of building and will be there to help and offer advice throughout the project and after.