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For our Bespoke package, we take our clients plans and build to their required spec and detail for the Timber Frame Kit. We will talk to our client and make some recommendations based on our years of experience on ways they can improve the build.


Once a potential client approaches us, we will look over the plans and then issue a quote based on the details provided on the drawings.

After a site visit and agreeing a price, we will then pass the plans onto our Engineers and Timber Frame designer to review.

These two parties will then communicate over and back until an agreement is reached on various aspects of the build.

Once this is agreed then the Timber Frame designer will do up drawings for individual panels so that the production team can work off them.

The Kit is then made in the factory by our skilled production team.

Once the kit is produced, it is then taken from our factory to the site so that it can be erected.

Our Kit erectors will then then erect the Kit as per the erection schedule.

Once the Kit has been erected, the Engineers will inspect the kit and then issue a cert to show it is built to the correct standard.