Unit1, Building 3, Port link Business Park, Port Road, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal


Floor Structure

Our floors are made using of 225 x 44mm thick CLS C24 Timber Joist.

The perimeter joist is also treated.

(We can also use metal web joists: see details below)

On top of the joist we fit an OSB3 board which is glued and nailed to the joists. This board is tongue & grooved to give a snug tight fit when put together.

Metal Web Joist

Metal web joists are designed to offer excellent service routing capabilities. Allowing many soil, duct and heating recovered systems to be accommodated along with easy installation of heating and electrical cabling without the need for drilling or notching.

Smart-Ply OSB3 T & G

Smart-ply Osb3 T & G is manufactured using advanced resin technology that results in a supreme bond with the wood strands and when put under intense heat, creates a chemical weld to produce a superior board which also scores highly in the green guide.