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Building Regulations

Building Regulations are set out by the government to ensure that each house built in Ireland is to a minimum standard that must be complied to. The regulations apply to the manufacture of products and service and the use of the product by the consumer.

Standards are set out to protect work environments and the quality of goods.
Below you will find examples of what building regulations will require of you as a self-builder, but as each project is different do consult your qualified architect or engineer about what effects this would have on your build and make sure that they are adhered to and kept by the contractors.

  • Regulation S.I.365 of 2015
  • Information Note for Owners of new dwellings and extensions who opt out of Statutory Certification for building control purposes
Why its important to follow Building Regulations:

For the safety of all parties (builders and homeowners)


Legal Requirements (fines could be handed out if not followed)