Unit1, Building 3, Port link Business Park, Port Road, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal

Bespoke Kits

Our standard Bespoke Kits package is where we take your plans from a sheet of paper to a timber frame structure supplied and erected on site. Our panels are engineered in our factory and then shipped to your site so the erection process can begin.



Engineered and Manufactured under strictly controlled factory conditions


Easier access for Electrics & Plumbing


Speed of Construction


Environmentally Friendly


Our external walls are made up with 140mm x 38mm treated CLS Timber (High Quality timber imported from Sweden) We can also use a 184mm x 38mm Timber Stud if a very low U-Value if required.

A 9mm OSB 3 fitted on the exterior of the studs.

Followed by breather membrane.

Each wall panel is made in a factory environment to ensure maximum quality and are fitted together on site.

Internal walls are made up of 89mm x 8mm CLS Timber and if the wall is load bearing it will be sheeted with 9mm OSB 3 Board.



Achieve low U-Value




Easy access for 2nd Fix sub-contractors


Our floors are made using of 225 x 44mm thick CLS C24 Timber Joist.

The perimeter joist is also treated.

On top of the joist we fit an OSB3 board which is glued and nailed to the joists. This board is tongue & grooved to give a snug tight fit when put together.


We use 225 x 44mm C16 CLS Rafters on our cut roof with 140 x 38mm C16 for collar ties. To cover, we use a good quality breather felt and our roof battens are 50 x 38mm treated. We also supply gable ladders, valley boards, bracing, sub-fascia and all fixing to complete the roof. We also use roof trusses if the roof does not require to be cut


Where steel roof purlins are required, all steel is designed by a structural engineer and manufactured to the highest standards.