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MTF Homes offer a complete bespoke design, manufacture and installation of Timber Frame structures for new builds, extensions and all types of residential and commercial buildings and does not limit its offer to the structural packages but also undertake the complete build.

  1. Flexibility in design which means it is easier to create an aesthetically pleasing structure compared to other forms of construction.
  2. Working with our design team and product manager to reduce building time by up to 50% compared to traditional builds.
  3. With greater emphasis these days on achieving lower u-values combined with higher levels of air tightness, our systems can easily achieve building regulations or surpass it by by up to 200%.
  4. Timber Frame structures can achieve up to 50% reduction in overall weight thus reducing requirements for foundations.
  5. Timber Frame is an environmentally friendly and substantial form of construction.

Process Of MTF Homes

Project Management

Once a contract has been agreed with Modern Timber Frame, we will assign a contract manager who will advise on all aspects of your build and will also develop a bespoke management template for your build to help ensure your project is on time and on budget.


Once all plans have been revised and signed off, Modern Timber Frame will begin the manufacturing process. Firstly, our design team will generate production drawings and cutting list which will outline a complete list of products required ensuring these are in place ready for panel manufacturing slot. Also, at this stage the engineers structural report will outline what steel is required so it can be ordered and ready for delivery with the kit, as with roof trusses if specified. As all elements of manufacturing are in a controlled environment, the highest level of accuracy and quality is achieved. Only once all elements of your house are inspected by our quality control team, will it be allowed to go to site.


The architect’s drawings supplied to us will be forwarded onto an independent structural engineer to design all of the structural elements of your Timber Frame home. When this is complete they will furnish us with a complete structural report, with this report our design team will reproduce the architectural plans to incorporate all engineers’ structural elements to suit our Timber Frame system.
Once plans have been reproduced, Modern Timber Frame will forward a copy to yourself to sign off on. At this stage we will issue a base plan for installation of the sub-structure.
It is key that the sub-structure accurately matches the base plans supplied.


Before the kit arrives, the site will be inspected by our installation manager, not only to ensure the base is correct but that scaffolding is in place and there is adequate room for lorries and a crane to work. Also, a site health and safety risk assessment survey will be carried out. Once everything is in place, the kit will arrive onsite and be installed by our qualified erecting team. The structure is generally completed in 4-7 days which will allow roofers, block layers and M&E contractors to move on site to complete the first fix. At this stage our quality control manager will inspect all aspects of the erected structure to ensure it complies with our structure erection guidelines and that it complies with all regulations before handing over to client / contractor.